Super ecological sneakers made out of 97% natural materials

We are Miret, and we have combined strongest natural fibres to craft durable and comfortable sneakers, but most importantly - with a super low impact on nature.

In 2019 we have launched our first MIRET sneakers and sold 800 pairs. We received a ton of feedback and now we are launching our second generation of super ecological sneakers. They are soft and cosy from the moment you put them on. They are breathable, lightweight, flexible and will keep your feet happy during long walks.

Kind to nature, kind to your feet

Footwear has a detrimental effect on the environment. Made out of plastics and leather, pairs were manufactured just in 2019. That is why we have designed and created innovative sneakers that are kind to your feet as much as they are kind to nature.

Natural materials are better

We use 10 different plants: hemp, kenaf, linen, cork, wood, corn, jute, eucalyptus natural latex and New Zealand wool to craft our MIRET sneakers. This was a five year long journey of development, testing and manufacturing.

Comfort without compromise

Our new outsole contains no oil-based synthetic rubber whatsoever. It is pure 100% natural latex, harvested from rubber trees. This makes the outsole softer and more flexible than any other rubber out there.   

Our sneakers are protected with a special completely 100% natural water repellent layer. You will be safe even when it rains. 

MIRET ultra-light insole is ergonomically shaped, made out of cork throughout, and protected by a natural textile.  It even has a certificate for food safety, so your dog can chew on them

Already tested and approved

MIRET sneakers already walk the Earth. After we have launched our first generation we have received amazing feedback. Follow their steps.

"These are my second pair and they won't be the last!"


" favourite piece of clothing because of what they represent"


"...beautifull, exactly like on the photos. I like them a lot, they fit nicely, very comfortable, I will love them and wear them for a very very long time."


Footwear experts

We are industry insiders who have inherited a factory from our father in our 20s. We have manufactured sneakers for some of the most famous high-end brands in the world. We realised that the footwear industry is horrible to the environment. So we set out to use our manufacturing experience to really redesign shoes from bottom up and make them compatible with nature.

Take the only logical step with MIRET

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